Our simple and sturdy stools are manufactured by Gaglio Wood Products in Santa Paula California,,.Just 45 Mins north of Los Angeles..Our products are constructed with the customer in mind, always trying to develope something just a little better each time..We have been around since the mid 80's and strive for customer satisfaction...All our stools are solid pine wood,, we find that pine has a unique grain pattern, and there are no 2 stools that are exactly alike..Each piece of wood is hand selected by Fred Gaglio, he puts alot of attention on the grain pattern, because it will bring out a beautiful piece of Decorative Art for your home which will last you many years...They are built strong , made to last..We do not use staple guns or nails,,we believe that screws work the best bringing the wood together to form 1 solid strong sturdy piece of art when it is finally done...Then once it is built and together as 1 piece, then we rout all square edges making them round and smooth with sand paper and finally the stain sealer along with the 5 coats of poly urethane should bring out that glass like look...We look forward in the finished product and recieve are content when we recieve positive feedback, letting us know how we did...


Do you provide International delivery?


At the moment we do not offer international delivery, but if you are really interested in one of our products we can  look to see the posibilitys for delivery, just input your details , product and were you are, and we will get back to you on this delivery..



How do I return an item?


For returns with damage, or if its not to your liking, just explain the reason for the return, with your name, item number,,date purchased. and then send it back to Gaglio Wood Products..



What is your returns policy?


We will except returns with damage on shipment, or defects and will pay for the return shipping if it is found due in our behalf..

If you find that upon recieving the product you purchased and is not to your liking, we would only refund for the product only,, shipping is very expensive so it would be up to you to send it back to Gaglio Wood Products..

Upon recieving product that is sent back to Gaglio Wood Products, we would inspect and examine item sent... At that point after we would send the refund back within 24 hrs. of recieving product...No hazzles, just customer satisfaction..........

How do I track my order?


When your order is purchased and shipped , you will recieve a tracking number, along with the courier and phone number..


How can I contact your couriers?

You will be able to e-mail or phone courier service, or contact Gaglio Wood Products and we will asistin eveyway posible to make sure you recieve your product in a timely matter..


What are your delivery options?


We use std. shipping, with UPS and USPS, we can  ship fast or regular just let us know before we ship to adjust for shipping fees.

Gift wrapping available upon request..